Amazed at everything beautiful!

Surrounded by art and living with artistic creation, he stands amazed at everything beautiful which is created in art through centuries. It is in this environment that the love for art is molded, the passion nourished and the volition tempered. The artistic creation spirit is part of Paridi’s family but his muse goes further. His muse goes through his personal experiences and reaches his artistic profile. His artistic interest ranges from landscapes to portraits, from etudes to more complex paintings. What makes his creation unique is his romantic and idealistic spirit. His expressive language in art is a result of his linear and graphic nature well combined with pure contrasted colors. It is through this language that Parid transmits a clear inner rush and a childish feeling. Painting for him is everything.

The exhibition entitled “Four Seasons”, inspired by the music of Vivaldi, makes us possible to feel closely the musicality of his paintings.

Prof. Klement Zoraqi